Unbound: Women on the Front Lines of Animal Advocacy

Today is the launch of a new project I am working on with Jo-Anne McArthur (We Animals). We have been talking, dreaming, planning, and meeting (often in delicious vegan restaurants like Crossroads, Hogtown Vegan, and Rise Above) about this project for several months.

Unbound: Women on the Front Lines of Animal Advocacy is a project intended to celebrate the many women who have worked tirelessly to make the world a better place for animals. It is a multimedia, multi-faceted, social media-driven project, and the plan is to have a richly illustrated book filled with stories and photographs of featured women in the coming years. We will be focusing on women who are currently working for animals, but a large part of the project will also be historical. I’m excited to share some of my research on women activists from previous generations.


2 thoughts on “Unbound: Women on the Front Lines of Animal Advocacy

  • Hi Keri. Your project sounds really exciting. If your plans might include any artistic renderings, I would like to add my talents in visual arts to the project. Please look at my webpage-activism to improve the lives of animals is primarily what my work is about. I have just completed my BFA at UBC Okanagan and a course in Critical animal Studies with Dr.Jodey Castricano.

    • Thanks Dianne! I appreciate your offer of assistance. At this point we are mostly going to be working with Jo-Anne’s photographs, but as the project evolves we may wish to incorporate other kinds of visual material, so I appreciate you getting in touch.

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