The Pull

There is a new piece of public art in Port Dalhousie, a sculpture commemorating the horses who provided essential labour for the Welland Canal over the course of its complex history. When the first canals were built (there have been a total of four, including the current one), animal labour was an essential part of the construction. Even after the canal was built, tow horses helped to move boats through the canal.

It is rare to see public monuments commemorating animals, particularly animal workers. I’m absolutely thrilled that this amazing piece by Floyd Elzinga and Veronica and Edwin Dam de Nogales is now part of our local landscape here in Niagara.

I had the opportunity to write about this piece in more depth over at NiCHE (Network in Canadian History and Environment).

A large metal sculpture of a workhorse on a patch of grass near the edge of Lake Ontario. There is a road and several shops in the background.
The Pull (sculpture by Floyd Elzinga and Veronica and Edwin Dam de Nogales; photo by Keri Cronin)

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