Women In Music Concert

Yesterday we took in the 18th annual Women in Music concert. This was only my second time attending this concert, but according to those who have been involved since the beginning the event has grown considerably over the past 18 years. It is a fund-raiser for Gillian’s Place and I certainly hope a lot of funds were raised yesterday.

In addition to performances by BroadBand and The Rockin Daisies, there was a special presentation of the Laura Sabia award to Dr. Rosemary Hale, Dean of Humanities at Brock. Very exciting!

I’d also like to give a shout-out to Anna Olson for not only making delicious vegan-friendly samosas for the event, but also for taking the time to list the ingredients in said samosas. Too often at these sorts of events I am unable to eat any of the food because I have no idea what ingredients were used to make them. Listing the ingredients may seem like a small thing, but for those of us who have to read labels carefully this gesture goes a long way!

Allergy Agony

My seasonal allergies are in full swing and it seems to me that this is the worst year yet, although I’m probably just not remembering other years correctly. This is so frustrating! I’m sneezing and snorking my way through the days and feel exhausted all the time. This does not help with the writing deadlines I’m trying to keep.

I am desperate to find a remedy — medicinal, herbal, whatever. A Benedryl at night helps me sleep, but I’ve not been successful in finding something to take during the day. I was on Reactine but it wasn’t doing much so I switched to Aerius. So far it doesn’t seem to be doing anything either. I wonder if I need to take it for a few days in a row before it starts to work. I saw an ad for this product on the Weather Network, but haven’t been able to find any stores that carry it in my region yet. It seems a little weird, but I’m willing to try *anything* right now! And in that vein, some googling led to this study which suggests Sapporo beer might help with allergy symptoms. I like the sound of a remedy that includes a pint or two! 🙂