It is hard to believe that in a few short hours 2010 will be over and the year 2011 will be ushered in. All-in-all 2010 was a pretty good year. I started it off with a 6 month sabbatical which I found amazingly productive and restorative. It was nothing short of luxurious to reconnect with my research in such an in-depth way. I’ve also been reminded during this year just how happy I feel when I’m knee-deep in a research project. Work?! This is the stuff that keeps me ticking!

The other big focus for me this year was my commitment to veganism. I’d been a vegetarian for years and years and years, but the PCRM’s “21 Day Vegan Kickstart” in March gave me the push I needed to make the transition to a vegan lifestyle. I’ve been having a great time trying new recipes, learning how to veganize things, reading vegan cooking blogs and, of course, buying vegan cookbooks!

I’m not a resolution sort of gal, so instead I’ve made a list of my top 5 favourite things about 2010. In no particular order:

1) Visiting the George T. Angell memorial in Boston. I’ve been reading so much about his work, so this was pretty special.

2) A fabulous road trip out to Nova Scotia for the first-ever ALECC conference at CBU. Yeah! Here I am trying to blend in with the landscape along the St. Lawrence.

3) Organizing the first-ever Walk for Farm Animals in Niagara. So amazing! I’m still blown away by the wonderful turn-out we had for this event and am looking forward to the 2011 Niagara Walk for Farm Animals!

4) Any and all time spent with Jill the rabbit and Jenny the cat.

5) I’m going to cheat a bit here and combine a couple of related wonderful things in to one point – this year I had my first trip out to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada and two trips down to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY. All three of these trips were wonderfully inspiring and life-changing. A shout-out to all who give their time, money, labour and love to animal Sanctuaries. May we one day have one in the Niagara region.

And one last bonus point — I had a great trip out west to visit my mom and dad in Leduc this fall. It was a short trip, but we packed a lot of fun in to it!

Happy 2011 everyone! May it be a happy, healthy, productive and peaceful year.

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