Lady Gaga and the Meat Dress

I can’t believe I’m blogging about this, but I’ve just got 2 things to say:

1) Jana Sterbak did this years ago. As a historian of Canadian Art I feel compelled to point this out.

2) How come the meat dress grosses most folks out, but meat eating does not? I’m just asking…

Over and out.

3 thoughts on “Lady Gaga and the Meat Dress

  1. 1) Problem is artists are so far ahead of the times, that no one remembers what we did by the time someone copies us. I can’t believe that the meat dress was over 20 years ago!
    2) Dress – clammy and smelly. Body turned inside out. (Not that this explains people eating meat, but arguably, as a sensual experience, it isn’t as repugnant –– unless –– you think about the “subtext”.)

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