And So It Begins…

Today marks day 1 of my sabbatical. Well, technically it kicked in on January 1st, but last week was all about recovering from the holidays, doing laundry, making soup for friends and family who are sick (and to help keep me healthy!) and other such projects. I am operating on the assumption that sabbatical really kicks off on the same day that the semester starts.

I am already in a bit of a panic about not get everything done that I want to get done over the next 6 months. And, yet, as I sit here this morning — sipping my 2nd cup of tea in a now empty house — I feel unsure as to where to begin. No meetings, no admin, no teaching, no grading, no course prep. It is just me and my research and writing for the next 6 months. This is what I’ve been waiting for, right? So why is it so daunting? Does everyone feel like this as they begin their sabbatical?

I begin my sabbatical with a bit of good news. The manuscript I have been working on for years (yes, THAT manuscript) has been accepted for publication. So, while my sabbatical is meant to help me get a jump on my new research project, first up on my “to do” list is finish up the final round of edits and deal with image permissions/copyright. Eeep! Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “And So It Begins…

  1. YAY for the manuscript being accepted for publication. That’s a big deal.

    And you are not alone in feeling daunted by all that available time to work on your research.

    Maybe think of a few different kinds of work that you want to do, plus some “looking after yourself” stuff (like exercise, art, reading novels, etc). And then find a way to make time for different types of activities.

    And maybe the goal doesn’t have to be finishing a bunch of things. You want to end up with a few things in a good state to keep working on their while also teaching. So getting over the initial intensive creative part while there is lots of time.

    I recently decided to make a washing line of possibilities in my office. I should really post a photo. But because things on my to do list don’t have to be done in any order, I have them pegged to a string, written on coloured paper, and I can peruse them and do one that seems right for the moment. (I’ll do a blog post. Promise.)

  2. Yahoooo Keri! I am sure the expanse of time and opportunity set out before you for the next 6 months feels daunting right now, but it will go quickly I am sure. I am proud that you are doing it!

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