…Is in the Details

This week’s Photo Friday Challenge theme is “…is in the details.”

I took this picture on Botanical Beach last June.


Our visit to Botanical Beach was one of the highlights of the trip out to BC, however it was the one aspect of the trip that also caused the most post-trip stress. Imagine our surprise when Budget just went ahead and put a $1500 charge on Laurie’s credit card for “damage” to the rental car we used to get out to Botanical Beach. The alleged damage was that the display in the Prius we rented wasn’t working properly. Well, since neither of us had driven a Prius before we weren’t sure how the display panel was supposed to look/function, couldn’t figure it out and ended up switching it off so that we could, instead, focus on the lovely scenery around us.

It still infuriates me that car rental companies can get away with this kind of crap — google it, you’ll be amazed at how prevalent these trumped up “damages” are!! The good news is that Laurie had insurance through her credit card that covered this for us, the shitty thing was that it was our word against theirs and that this all took place a month after the fact. By the time we even found out about this we were back home, about 4500 km from the car rental shop and there was little we could do.

So, yeah, “…is in the details” is a relevant theme for this picture for more than one reason.

2 thoughts on “…Is in the Details

  1. Yes, we were totally shocked by how we were treated by Budget. The sad news is, the more I tell this story the more I hear from others that they have had similar experiences with car rental companies — and not just Budget.

    How lovely that your family is coming for a visit!

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