Groove Found

I’m sitting at my kitchen table with piles of paper spread all around me. I’ve spent the past couple of days really digging into the edits on my manuscript (affectionately referred to as “the project that must not be named”). I got off to a slow start on this project this month, but the good news is that I’ve found my groove now and am actually enjoying it. The feedback I got from the reviewers was positive and encouraging and full of excellent suggestions — just what I needed to kick-start my energy and enthusiasm for this project again.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised that I didn’t get off to the flying start I’d hoped earlier in May. As I’ve previously posted, May is a tough month — geez, it is almost a year to the day since I found my groove last year. Maybe next year I should just book holidays for the first few weeks in May and be done with it. I could go somewhere where the pollen counts are lower and skip the allergies too. But I’d miss all the early season gardening. Such a dilemma!

I think I’ll try to keep going with these edits tonight. I am, however, taking little breaks to watch the cast of characters assembling for the evening in my backyard: a young-looking skunk, a birdseed-loving rabbit, a pair of Baltimore Orioles and a delightful assortment of other birds, including a little baby sparrow who is doing that funny dance they do when they want to be fed.

3 thoughts on “Groove Found

  1. You might want to think of ways that you can keep writing during term time. I’ve been reading some material lately that suggests that even 15 minutes a day can be effective. I wonder if part of your May woes are the result of having to figure out where you were when you last spent any time with this particular piece of writing. Not that you are unusual in that respect.

  2. Hi JoVE — this is great advice and I do need to try and make the writing part of my daily routine all year round.

    I just signed up for your newsletter — looking forward to reading it!

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