Baking Bread

My mom and dad are visiting Niagara this week. We’ve had a nice mix of doing touristy stuff and also just poking around the house and garden. They’ve been helping me get some house and yard work done, things that I haven’t had a chance to do. My grass has been cut for the first time in weeks (thanks dad!) — it wasn’t something I could even contemplate doing when my allergies were raging angrily out of control.

Today I baked bread with my mom. We used my grandma’s recipe for Danish rye bread. Yum!! My grandma used to make big double batches of bread and buns, giving most of it away to friends, family and neighbors. I love this bread, so she would always save a loaf or two for me. It was such a treat!

I haven’t had this bread for years and was thinking about it a while ago. When my mom called me the night before they flew out here and asked me if there was anything I’d like them to bring, I suggested she bring this recipe so we could bake bread. I’m glad that we got a chance to do that today.


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