Ok, so articles like this one really irk me. If you don’t feel like clicking on the link I’ll summarize: the title is “Impatient Gardeners Lose Out to Jack Frost” and it goes on about some poor guy who “gambled” on planting early and “lost”. He didn’t lose because his plants were died of frost exposure, he “lost” because he had to go out and cover his plants with sheets the past two evenings when the GTA region got a little chilly overnight.

Dramatic overkill much?

It got chilly in Niagara too, so we covered the wee veggie plants with sheets. It took about 3 and a half minutes to cover them and the plants were protected. There is one lettuce plant that looks a little unhappy, but all the rest seem to have survived. I certainly don’t feel too hard done by and, as I previously posted, if the worst case scenario had happened, if the frost had zapped the life out of all the veggies we planted it still wouldn’t be as dramatic and dire as this reporter makes it sound.

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