If You Hang It, They Will Come?


A few weeks ago Laurie bought me a hummingbird feeder so it is entirely appropriate that she gets credit for this photograph, taken today during our first sighting of one of these little beauties at the feeder.

I’d read all about how hummingbirds are attracted to red flowers, especially things like trumpet vines or the flowers on runner beans. My plan was to hang the feeder near the runner beans when the plants started to flower, but in the meantime I hung it out on a post near the back deck for fun. We didn’t really expect to have any visitors, but have noticed the Baltimore Orioles hanging around it for the past few days. We removed a couple of the yellow “bee guards” from the hummingbird feeder so the Orioles had easier access to the nectar, and that seemed to work. In spite of the lack of red trumpet-shaped flowers, the hummingbird feeder is a hub of activity today!

4 thoughts on “If You Hang It, They Will Come?

  1. Hi, Keri,

    As a fellow environmentalist, I thought I should mention that artificial red dyes such as you find in commercial “hummingbird food” and “instant nectar” products as well as in the average pantry are unnatural, unnecessary, and potentially harmful. All you need to attract and feed hummingbirds safely is a solution of one part white granulated sugar (which is sucrose, the sugar found in the nectar of their flowers) in 3 to 4 parts water.

  2. Thanks Sheri — I agree, the “hummingbird food” doesn’t seem at all necessary. All we’ve got in this one is sugar and water.


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