Splash Class

Since I joined the YMCA a couple of weeks ago I’ve been going to aquafit (or “splash class” as I affectionately call it), and I have to say — I love it!! I was hesitant to go as I’ve never really enjoyed fitness classes, but this is awesome!

There are a number of instructors that teach the splash class, and it changes each day. There’s one instructor that I especially like. He makes the classes so much fun — the time flies by and you hardly even remember that you are exercising. When I arrived at the pool today I was so happy to find out that he was leading today’s class. Hooray! About halfway through the class I moved a little more towards the back of the group so I could be in deeper water (deeper water = more resistance and a better workout). As I continued exercising at the back of the class I was really surprised to hear all the people around me criticizing the instructor. My first thought was “are they nuts? This guy is the best instructor at the Y!” My second thought was, “I guess the phenomenon of people sitting at the back of the class complaining happens no matter what the class and no matter who the instructor is. You can never please everyone!” I found this to be a strangely liberating thought to have as I stare down the start of another academic year.

2 thoughts on “Splash Class

  1. I remember how brain-dead many of the students were in an American Renaissance class I took with my undergraduate mentor, who was a WONDERFUL professor. I often remind myself of the blank stares he got from students who refused to open the books much less do the reading. (In one class, he actually told them the precise page in Moby-Dick we’d be discussing at the next sessions, telling them they didn’t have to read anything other than that single page…and they still didn’t read it!) So yes, even great teachers can’t motivate everyone, which is an important lesson for us perfectionist professors to remember.

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