Taking Nature Writing to a New Level?

Apparently, the author of some old fashioned bodice-ripping romance novels recently decided to plagiarize a piece on black-footed ferrets. I suppose she figured she’d never be found out. All I can say is why? I mean, seriously, this is the most absurd thing I’ve heard in ages! I haven’t read the novel in question, but I can’t see how Tolme’s writing on the little critters would seem at all suited to a steamy romance novel. I’m sure Tolme’s writing and research is very good, but it is just, well, a different kind of writing altogether, isn’t it? What’s the thought process here? And then there is the question of the editor of the novel — even if he or she didn’t know Tolme’s piece existed, the abrupt shift in writing style should have triggered some sort of warning signal. Seems that this story is continuing to develop — more over at Smart Bitches.

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