Mark Dion at the ROM

I am snowed under with the start of a new term and with the grading from last term (still!!), so I haven’t been blogging much lately. However, I wanted to post this link , which contains information about the upcoming talk that Mark Dion is giving at the ROM. I’ve never heard Mark Dion lecture before, but I’m a big fan of his artwork and I’m sure it will be a fascinating evening. I won’t be able to attend as I’ll be in NYC that day, but I look forward to hearing about this event from someone who can make it.


One thought on “Mark Dion at the ROM

  1. Fabulous! I had never heard of Dion before, but I love his work: espeically the way he blends creative arts with natural science (and engineering!). Thanks for posting this link.

    PS- Good luck with the new term. We’re taking ‘snowed under’ literally here in Maine: 12-16 inches are predicted today, our first day of the spring semester.

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