Digital Threads

Oh wow! The Textile Museum of Canada (already one of the coolest museums around) has just launched a wonderful web-based exhibition called Digital Threads. Check it out — I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Here’s the text from the press release: “Digital Threads is an interactive Web environment that highlights new digital artworks by Canadian artists Jennifer Angus, Joanna Berzowska, Kai Chan, Ruth Scheuing and Samuel Thomas. Internationally known for innovative work that challenges the boundaries of conventional textile arts, these five artists define new territory on the World Wide Web with dynamic projects that link to 50 exhibitions and thousands of textiles from the Textile Museum of Canada. Art and technology are fused in this project – both are creative acts, imaginative and committed to the process of discovery. Technology is not only used to deliver the content but is woven into the very fabric of the artists’ creative process. An example is Joey Berzowska’s responsive textile ensembles of the future that will not only change to camouflage stains but display the subtleties of the wearer’s mood. “I want to be able to control how aggressive my dress appears” says this artist.

This interactive project also has a studio for visitors to create their own digital work with components and concepts borrowed from the five artists – experiment with pattern, colour, shape, time and meaning. Digital Threads will also provide access to 17 years of the TMC’s exhibition programming. 50 past exhibitions are sorted into 5 themes (Myth and Science, Textiles in Everyday Life, Clothing and Communication, Moving across Cultures, and Nature, the Environment & Weird Materials). Explore these pages featuring approximately 180 contemporary artists, publicly available for the first time. Digital Threads will also make a growing number of the Textile Museum’s permanent collection available online with high detail zooming interactivity. The TMC has thousands of artifacts available in our publicly accessible database. Visitors are able to explore the collection of the TMC 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.”

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