Why I Won’t Be Getting a SSHRC Grant This Year

I can’t believe we are into October already!! September was a bit of a whirlwind, but all-in-all things seem to be going rather swimmingly so far this year. As is typical of this time of year I’ve put a lot more time and effort into getting my classes up and running than I have in the writing/research side of things. I know this is totally par for the course at the start of an academic year, but I’ve got a conference paper and a grant application due very soon and am starting to get a little worried that I’ve not had much time to work on either since the summer. I cleared my calendar for Friday, fully intending to get up early and spend the day working on these two items (luckily they are somewhat related). I woke up right at 7am, put the coffee on and went straight to my desk to start working. I jumped right into it, things were going well, words were flowing, all was good…until…


At 7:30am city work crews showed up to remove a tree from out in front of my house. Suddenly I was being serenaded by a symphony of power saws and workmen shouting at each other over the din. I tried to put on my headphones and drown out the noise, but since my office is at the front of the house it was pretty hard to ignore the great tree massacre taking place outside. I decided to pack up the most essential work items and move the kitchen table. As you can see from the above photo, going into campus to work was totally out of the question since our car was blocked in. (We had, by the way, no notice that this was going to happen but I’m trying not to dwell on the rage.)

So, I relocate over to the kitchen table, headphones still on. Not a great setup, but it was much less distracting. Until…


What makes this particularly funny is that the essay I was attempting to re-read was John Berger’s classic “Why Look at Animals?” I’ve zoomed in on the page under Ms. Jenny-cat’s paws here.


Ever have one of those days where it seems that no matter how hard you try, the writing just isn’t going to get done?

3 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Be Getting a SSHRC Grant This Year

  1. “Ever have one of those days where it seems that no matter how hard you try, the writing just isn’t going to get done?”

    Oh, yes — I’ve been shocked to discover that my newborn daughter is totally indifferent to whether or not I get any writing, grading, or class prep done. I’ve tried explaining to her that all these tasks keep her in diapers, but she just doesn’t seem to care. Kids today!

  2. I am at the end of my day of teaching–the braindead end–and I find myself completely mesmerized by your cat. Which is exactly the way the cat wants it, I’m sur [sic].

  3. Anthony — you know my cat well, it seems!

    Steve — I can only imagine how tough it is to balance writing and caring for a newborn. You have my utmost admiration!

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