YouTube in the Classroom

From the Alternatives Journal e-newsletter:

Work Less 10,000 Times

Educators might be inspired by Professor Charles Dobson of the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and his students. Dobson asked first year students to create a 30-second Public Service Announcement with the message: If you consume less, you can work less.

Students had to upload their video to YouTube and any video that attracted over 10,000 hits by the end of the summer would garner its creator an A in the course. Dobson chose the message because it directly appeals to self interest – no one seems to want to work full time, but just about everyone ends up working full time and then some.

As it turns out, Dobson will be handing out a truck load of As, since about half of the videos made the grade. And the rest averaged over 5000 hits. Most importantly, a message that seldom gets mainstream airplay has reached about 150,000 people, mainly youths.

First video to reach 10,000 views

Dobson’s favourite video project

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