A Quiet Oasis

Fall term started this week, and the campus has sprung back to life. I love the renewed sense of energy that accompanies the start of the fall term, but after a relatively quiet summer it can take a day or so to adjust to the hustle and bustle that September brings. There are a few spots on campus, however, where it is possible to slip away for a quiet moment of tranquillity. Yesterday I stopped by for a quick visit to a lovely little pond nestled in among the campus buildings. I sat for a moment and watched a frog hopping around along the edge of the water.

As I was sitting at the edge of the pond I recalled a faculty event held in a room overlooking the pond last spring. A number of us (including the president of the university) were fascinated to discover a beaver swimming around in the pond. The event concluded with faculty members from all disciplines and departments pressed up against the glass, straining to get a better look at the beaver. I didn’t see the beaver yesterday, but I did see a structure that looks like it could have that Castor canadensis touch. (The zoom on my camera isn’t great, but you can sort of see it in the middle area of the second photo).

pond inlet


3 thoughts on “A Quiet Oasis

  1. I absolutely love the pond inlet, it has got to be one of the most gorgeous spots on campus. And I hope that there is a beaver living there it just adds to the beauty of nature.

  2. Wow! You have a pond. At Juilliard, there will someday be a green roof, but at the moment, there’s a lot of concrete dust. I have a secret plan to seed the green roof with wildflowers. Don’t tell anyone.

  3. A green roof would be a wonderful addition to any campus. I’m hoping to see a green roof or two at Brock one of these days.

    But, yes, the pond is truly lovely!

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