A Day at the Beach

We had planned to go camping this long weekend, but those plans ended up falling through. Probably just as well as I feel I could use a quiet weekend at home before the fall semester kicks into high gear.

We did, however, take a little day trip yesterday. We picked up Nikki in Hamilton and headed for Port Dover to spend a day at the beach. Yes, there is a beautiful beach just down the street from us in Port Dalhousie, but we wanted to do something a little different to mark the last day of August and, as fans of road trips know, sometimes it is more about the journey than the destination.

We stopped at Denninger’s on the way out of Hamilton for some delicious treats, and then hopped on highway 6 down to “the heart of Ontario’s south coast.” As the highway wound through the countryside, I was struck by how much this part of Ontario looks like Alberta. We were driving through farmland, so there were crops, cattle and horses along both sides of the highway.

Port Dover was a lot of fun! It is the type of place where you instantly feel like you are on holidays even if you are only there for a few hours. As we explored, we were surrounded by shops selling beach toys, beach clothing and sun hats. The whole place smelled like french fries and summer cook-outs, and everyone was dressed in bathing suits and flip flops. The sand on the beach was so hot that it burned our feet as we walked along looking for that perfect spot to stretch out our towels. This was my first visit to Lake Erie and I wasn’t disappointed! The lake is fairly shallow along this particular beach, so we could walk out quite far. The bottom of the lake is sandy and rippled, and the water is clear. We splashed around for a while and then spent some time enjoying the sun’s rays on the beach. It was so wonderfully relaxing and made me think of all those lazy summer days we used to spend at Lakelse Lake in B.C. when we were kids.

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