Coalition for Student Loan Fairness

Like many folks in this country I had to rely on student loans to help pay for part of my post-secondary education. Thank goodness I was able to get funding and scholarships in grad school, or the total I owe would be even more staggering than it is. I have a “good job” now and am actively making payments on my student loan, but am continually frustrated with the inefficient system we have here in Canada. Paperwork routinely goes missing, monthly statements about payments/balances are not issued, there appears to be much confusion at the other end of the 1-800 numbers you are now given to call for any inquiry about student loans, the interest rates are much higher than they should be, and many people have to choose between making their loan payments or paying their rent.

Anyhow, the good people over at the Coalition for Student Loan Fairness are attempting to form a critical mass of people who have had enough of this kind of nonsense. This is not a group of people who are trying to get out of their obligations. This is a group demanding that people with student loans be treated fairly, and their demands are starting to be heard. If you have a student loan, if you know people with student loans, or if you simply concerned with the mismanagement of this system, please consider visiting their website.

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