Vegan Stereotypes

I recently had someone say to me: “I’m surprised you don’t do yoga. I thought you were vegan!”

I have also had similar comments over the fact I prefer black tea to green tea and that I frequently enjoy a good pint of beer. I am well aware that there are tea companies who test on animals and that all beer isn’t vegan, and I take these in to consideration when I make my choices. However, these details are not what the people who made these comments were referring to. Rather, they were referring to the fact that I don’t conform to some set stereotype about what a vegan is–apparently someone who does yoga, sips green tea, and doesn’t drink alcohol.

I’m not sure how this stereotype came about, but I am increasingly frustrated by it. I am vegan because I am against the exploitation of animals, and I do not want to participate in a system that treats animals as if they were property or commodities. Period. Yoga and green tea have nothing to do with it.


2 thoughts on “Vegan Stereotypes

  1. Hmm… I’m a vegan but I do yoga and love green tea haha… didn’t do this by some forced choice (not saying that’s what your implying) but just that I happen to like those kinda things. But I understand your point. I hope that the reputation of veganism can move in a direction where it appears to be accessible for all people because it is. And the respect for the welfare of animals and just respect for life and the planet we live on in general is something all humans can possess.

    1. Hi lilytrahan! Thanks for your comment. I have nothing at all against yoga and green tea, and am glad you enjoy them! :) I guess I’m getting frustrated when I see how public perception of vegans and veganism is straying so much from the basic idea of not exploiting and abusing animals.

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