Scrambled Veggs

Before I decided to go vegan, one of my favourite quick ‘n easy meals was scrambled eggs on toast. I loved this when I was a kid and loved it just as much when I was a broke grad student. Quick, cheap, and yummy.

Of course, now that I have learned all the reasons why eating eggs is a terrible idea, scrambled eggs are no longer a part of my diet. I’ve found a scrambled tofu recipe that I like, but I didn’t ever see it as a substitute. Scrambled eggs and scrambled tofu are two pretty different things. Until now.

Enter The Vegg, “the world’s first vegan fried egg.” When I first heard about this I will admit that I didn’t know what to make of it. I am totally repulsed by eggs now (once you learn about the horrors of egg production it is pretty hard to unlearn), but the ability to create vegan versions of different meals fascinates me. Plus, once I found out that some of the proceeds of the sale of The Vegg goes to Compassion Over Killing I decided I had to give it a try! I ordered 3 packages from Vegan Essentials, but have now learned that Karmavore carries The Vegg–nice to have a Canadian option.

I’ve been reading some of the ways in which people have been using the Vegg. All kinds of interesting recipes starting to surface! (by the way, there is even a recipe contest!) I thought I’d start with just some straight-forward scrambled veggs to get a feel for how this stuff works.

Step 1

-put 3 teaspoons of The Vegg + 1 cup of water in the blender. Blend until well mixed.

Step 2

-put a little oil in a skillet and crumble in one 8oz. package of firm tofu. Cook for a few minutes, until the tofu pieces start turning a bit golden brown.

Step 3

-pour The Vegg mixture over the tofu and continue to cook. The liquid will start to reduce after you’ve been cooking it for a few minutes and the “veggs” will thicken up. Cook until it has reached the desired consistency.

And that’s it! Season, serve with toast, tomatoes, etc.

The scrambled veggs were pretty amazing–delicious and very similar to what I remember scrambled eggs being like (it has been a while!). We are already thinking of other ways to try out new new product. Next up will be french toast, I think!

*UPDATE: I threw the leftover scrambled “veggs” in a whole wheat tortilla with some salsa and some cheddar-style Daiya. Simply delicious!

2 thoughts on “Scrambled Veggs

  1. Wow, they look like scrambled eggs! I have The Vegg (tried Hollandaise Sauce with them last week – YUM) and must try the scramble!

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