Blitzen the Tenure Blender

I’ve wanted a Vitamix for quite some time now and when I got word that my application for Tenure & Promotion was approved Laurie bought me one as a “yay! You got tenure!” gift. Wowie wow on so many levels!

Blitzen the tenure blender arrived in my life 4 days ago and I’m already wondering how I ever lived without her. She is amazing!! I’ve been making all kinds of smoothies (green smoothies! smoothies with fresh Niagara cherries! pineapple smoothies!), and we’ve also whipped up a lovely robust salad dressing (with tahini, veggies, and other goodies in it) and a strawberry-lime sorbet. It is too warm to try making soups, but one of the things that fascinates me about the Vitamix is that you can throw in fresh veg, blend it up and have hot soup (yes, hot!!! right out of the blender!!) in minutes. I know I am dangerously close to sounding like an infomercial here, but I’m really excited about how this really opens up new possibilities for fresh, healthy vegan goodness.

strawberry-lime sorbet
green smoothie

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