Smoo at Brock! Yeah!

I have been pestering and pestering the food services folks at Brock to carry non-dairy milk. There were a few weeks back last year when the “C-block” café offered soy milk (a.k.a. smoo*) to go along with the tea and coffee. I made a point of going to that café whenever I could. I’m not sure exactly when the soy milk disappeared from there, but it has been business as usual (read: only cow’s milk) at the food services kiosks I’ve stopped in at this year. Le sigh…

But today was different! Word went out on the Vegan Brock network this morning that the new Guernsey market had a carton of soy milk out with the other coffee and tea fixings! I had to go and see it for myself!

For a campus in the running for most vegan-friendly university, offering non-dairy options is a bare minimum. If anyone from Brock food services is reading this, please, please, please keep this up! Please!! I understand that there is often not a lot of uptake when options like this are rolled out, but it is also important to understand that we vegans and vegetarians have often given up trying to find these options and instead have resorted to things like buying fridges for our offices to keep food we can eat. (guilty!) It is definitely a vicious cycle.

Communication is the key here and, to that end, I’m delighted that a facebook page called “Vegan Brock” has been started. It is a place for Brock folks to post about vegan options they spot on campus, a way to get the word out. It clearly works — as soon as the notice went up on this page about the soy milk, I headed over to the Guernsey market.

*smoo = soy milk. For years and years regular milk was called “moo” in my house. Now that I’m vegan I’ve adapted it.

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