Mac ‘n Cheese — Now With Cashews!

Tonight Laurie and I decided to try a new (to us) vegan mac ‘n cheese recipe. It was a recipe that L. had tried at one of the Niagara Action for Animals potlucks I wasn’t able to attend. She has been talking about it ever since and even found a place where she could order some raw cashews that would have a pretty low risk of being cross-contaminated with peanuts so that I could try this recipe. The nuts arrived in the post and we got cooking!

Step 1: gather ingredients & cook pasta

Step 2: Purée the cashews in the food processor. Add grape seed oil, nutritional yeast, etc… (see recipe link above for more specific details!)

Step 3: Sauté onions, then add cashew mixture. Stir until thickened.

Step 4: Mix cooked noodles with “cheese” sauce. Top with bread crumbs if desired.

This recipe is delicious and definitely fits my vegan comfort food criteria!

PS: this was the perfect recipe for trying out the new Cow Hugger apron from Herbivore! Yeah!

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