A Whirlwind Tour Out West

At the end of October I took a quick trip out to Alberta to see my mom and dad. I only had a few days for travel, but we packed a lot of fun in to those few days! One of the highlights was the new Leduc Rec Centre. Wow! I’m really impressed! (apparently so are the Edmonton Oilers) We had a great time skating and swimming — it was wonderful to warm up in the hot tub after a spin on one of the three skating rinks.

I was also delighted to see the new C-Line transit system set up between Leduc and Edmonton. For years and years I’ve wished for this kind of service and I can’t quite believe it is in place. Congrats to all those who helped make it happen!! This is wonderful! I see the early ridership numbers are a bit low, so come on all you Leduc folks — get on the bus! And while I’m on the topic, shame on Greyhound who apparently held this thing up. Seriously? We’re talking about 2 different kinds of bus services here. The C-Line hooks people right in to Edmonton’s LRT system (oh yeah, kudos to Edmonton Transit on the expansion to this system over the past few years! Amazing!!) and allows for commuting, the Greyhound station isn’t exactly part of a transit hub!

And speaking of new developments, we managed to find time for a quick run in to the newly-redesigned Art Gallery of Alberta (which I still want to call the Edmonton Art Gallery). I especially loved the Reframing a Nation exhibition and Edward Burtynsky’s show, Oil. Of course we couldn’t photograph inside the exhibition spaces, so this image from inside the newly-designed gallery will have to suffice! (That’s my dad waaaaay in the background!)

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