Vegan Lunch

Today marked day #1 of my Vegan MoFo search for vegan food at Brock. Today was a teaching day so I didn’t get down to the Guernsey Market until after 3. (Thank goodness I had a pumpkin muffin in my bag for a quick pre-class snack! Thanks Laurie!)

I wasn’t sure what I’d find for lunch at 3pm, but I was able to cobble together quite a delicious meal consisting of vegetable soup, fruit, some cherry tomatoes and pita chips.

As an aside, I am delighted to see that the soups at the Guernsey Market are now labelled with big green “V” stickers to indicate the absence of meat and/or beef/chicken stock. A few of us have been asking for this for a while, so this is a wonderful development.

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