Vegan MoFo!

How on earth did it get to be November 1st already?! Instead of fretting about how much work I have left to do this term or how I’m dreading the cold weather I will focus on Vegan MoFo. Yeah!!

Vegan MoFo stands for “Vegan Month of Food” — bloggers around the world are taking up the project of writing about veganism (food, recipes, restaurants, ethics, challenges, celebrations) throughout November.

I’ve been writing about some of the recipes I’ve tried out since adopting a vegan lifestyle earlier this year. It is funny though, I didn’t set out to become a “food blogger” but I’m enjoying it all the same. So I will keep blogging about new recipes I’ve tried, etc. I also have 2 distinct topics I’d like to write about during Vegan MoFo:

1) Being a vegan at Brock University. Recently People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) announced that Brock University is in the running for the title of “most vegan friendly campus.” This does not at all match up with my experiences at Brock, so I decided that my Vegan MoFo project #1 will be an extra vigilant effort to try and track down these vegan options on campus. I’m not on campus every single day, but when I’m there I’ll be on the lookout. [note: for you Brock folks out there, feel free to send me submissions or omissions on this front!]

2) Brooklyn’s in Thorold is my new favourite place to eat. It is a pub with a vegan menu and fantastic staff. The problem is that every time I go there I always eat the Smokin’ Soy ‘Chicken’ Sandwich because it is so darn delicious and I just can’t help myself! (we’re talking serious cravings!!) The vegan pub menu at Brooklyn’s has 12 items on it (including my favourite sandwich) and my Vegan MoFo project #2 is to make my way through the menu this month, blogging about each item in delicious and graphic detail!

Happy World Vegan Day!

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