Seasonal Bounty

This week our friend Jennifer wasn’t able to pick up her CSA box, so she generously let us pick it up on her behalf. Look at all these wonderful Niagara-grown goodies from Thiessen Farms!

So tonight’s dinner was a pasta tossed with our own garden-grown garlic + some zucchini, chard and tomatoes from the CSA box. I topped my dish with some delicious Daiya shreds. (side note: I can not describe how much I’m loving the Daiya cheese. Yum, yum, yum!! So happy that I can get it at Kindfood. Yay!)

And for dessert, some yummy (vegan) lemon bars!

2 thoughts on “Seasonal Bounty

  1. Drool… Everything looks divine. Lemon squares are one of my favourite things… besides fresh local produce. :)

    Great pics, too, K!

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