Never a Dull Moment!

This weekend brought wrestling artists, vegan pub food and the official kick-off to the Spring 2010 biking season. Never a dull moment around these parts!

First, the wrestling artists. On Thursday evening Rodman Hall Arts Centre hosted “The Main Event” which was billed as a “bone-crunching matchup” between Duncan MacDonald and Graeme Patterson. Many other artists and curators also got in the ring that evening, and MC David Fancy and referee Derek Knight were fan favourites as well.

The Main Event featuring Graeme Patterson and Duncan MacDonald

Wrestling artists and refereeing colleagues weren’t the only exciting things on the weekend calendar. On Saturday night a crew of St. Catharines-based vegetarians headed out to Brooklyn’s in Thorold. We’d been told that this rather regular-looking sports bar has a menu that is anything from regular — vegan pub fare!! It was such a novelty to actually be able to choose from a menu instead of selecting the only meat-free option by default. I had a delicious spicy “chicken” sandwich, a couple of my friends had a “meatball” sub and another ordered the falafel. All three of these dishes received hearty endorsements, and we certainly plan to head back to try other things on the menu. I wish other pubs would offer similar dishes!

And, finally, I got my beautiful little Electra bike out on the road this weekend. Yipee!! The wind was a bit chilly so I didn’t go for a long ride, but it was fun just to be back riding around town and I look forward to more cycling adventures this spring and summer.

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