Hot Air & Warm Water

So, it looks like I’m getting a new furnace and hot water heater for my house. It seems funny to be thinking about furnaces and hot water heaters in the middle of a southern Ontario summer, although given how cold this summer has been it really isn’t too much of a stretch.

Anyhow, I knew that both the furnace and hot water tank in my house were old and that I’d have to replace them eventually, but it wasn’t really a pressing issue or something I spent a lot of time thinking about. Then, the other day a rep from LivClean showed up to tell me I qualified for a new hot water heater. I’ve already blogged about my frustrations with how that turned out, but suffice it to say I was impressed with neither the sales rep nor the technician, and in the end they couldn’t install it for me anyhow. I’m now convinced I dodged a bullet.

What that incident did do, however, was prompt me to call Direct Energy, the company I’m currently renting my hot water tank from. I talked on the phone with someone there for quite a while about the various options and then she booked an appointment for one of their energy management consultants to come out to talk to me further. During that appointment I learned a ton about high-efficiency furnaces, tankless water heaters, and ecoEnergy retrofit grants. The consultant who came out to talk to me was helpful, friendly and took the time to really explain things to me — the exact opposite experience from the one I had with LivClean.

So, the long and the short of it is that I had an energy audit done on my house, am replacing the old units with newer models, and getting an impressive amount of rebates, tax credits and credits on my utility bills for doing so. I’ve also been told that I should see a difference in my overall utility bills once the new systems are up and running. I don’t doubt that, given that my current furnace and hot water tank are over 20 years old.

One thought on “Hot Air & Warm Water

  1. We used Direct Energy when we did our furnace a couple of years ago. Good experience. Can’t remember what happened to the fuel bills but I’m sure it was good, too.

    Getting a new furnace in July is a lot better than having to get it done fast when it dies in January, IMHO. That’s why I replaced an old furnace before it was completely gone.

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