Keeping Up With the Joneses?

I can not believe that in this day and age that there are still people who kick up a fuss when someone decides to buck the trend of uniformly manicured (read boring), high-maintenance lawns. Whether the decision is to plant veggies in the front yard (because, hey, maybe that’s where the conditions happen to be the best for growing) or to cultivate native species and flowers where others might choose to lay sod there always seems to be a brigade of nosy Nellys (or Neddys) who oppose the “unsightly” mess of nonconformity.

The latest story on this front is the tale of Hank and Vera Jones who decided to cultivate plants that attract butterflies. Sounds lovely to me, but apparently the neighbours and the City of Ottawa disagree.

When will the madness end? Why is it so difficult to a)mind one’s own business and b)let go of this stupid notion that we have to all have miniature golf greens surrounding our homes. (oh, and don’t even get me started on the reader comments that follow this news story — long grass = “hillbillies”?! wild grass = “unsafe for children”? Really? Give me a freakin’ break!)

And on that grumpy note, I’m going back to my editing. *hrumph*

One thought on “Keeping Up With the Joneses?

  1. Must be just one part of Ottawa. The neighbourhood I used to live in had lots of those kinds of gardens. And I was just too lazy to mow my lawn last year (and too lazy to figure out how to fix a minor problem with my mower) and no one said anything. I cut it with shears at the end and my neighbour commented on how I should get some sheep. The neighbour with the immaculate lawn.

    Other people stopped and commented on how nice my mad flowering part was (lots of wildflowers among some more standard perrenials; and a really huge lovage plant)

    I also had a neighbour with veggies in their front garden.

    There has been rather a vigorous debate in Ottawa about banning pesticides and the City Council actually encourages alternatives to lawns (including sowing clover). My prejudices about suburbs are coming to the fore so I’ll stop.

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