Excuse me?!

So, it is the end of the work week and I had plans to meet my friend at my local neighbourhood pub for some end-of-week drinks. When I arrived my friend wasn’t there yet, so I grabbed a seat at the bar, ordered a pint and began to read the novel I had in my bag. It was a Friday night and the pub was busy. As I sat at the bar a young lady came in from the patio and asked the bartender to turn up the music — “we can’t hear it out there,” she whined. The bartender told her it was as loud as it would go and that the pub had to be respectful of the people who lived in the neighbourhood. The young lady made a face and said (no joke) “That’s gay! Who cares what they think!?”


It was all I could do not to turn around and give her the lecture of a lifetime. Perhaps I should have.

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