Some Cool New Links

I just wanted to quickly highlight two new additions to the “art and science links” section of this blog:

echo is a portal featuring links to many different websites and online research resources relating to the history of science and technology. There is so much good stuff here, and I love how you can browse the site by category, by time period, or by type of media.

smARThistory is one of the coolest innovations in teaching I’ve seen in ages. I met Beth Harris, one of the creators of smARThistory, while at an ARTstor faculty workshop in New York last month. Each of the participants talked about how they used digital images in the classroom, and Beth’s presentation included a demo of the smARThistory project. Very impressive! I’d love to develop something similar to teach our art history and visual culture courses at Brock, so this gave me a lot to think about.

3 thoughts on “Some Cool New Links

  1. Hi Keri,
    Thanks for the kind words about smARThistory. Why not just become a contributor? No need to start your own! We want smARThistory to be a collaborative effort for all art history teachers.


  2. Keri,
    I always enjoy checking in on your blog. Thanks for the ECHO post: I’m teaching a science writing class right now, and this will be perfect. Hope all is well! We’re getting ready for another huge snow storm due in Maine tomorrow.

  3. Hey Keri, Mia from again , thanks for the smARThistory link, especially the things they do with the Van Gogh painting is interesting. Because as a journalist I followed the guy in his footsteps and looked a little bit the same way to the natural landscape and the drawings and paintings he made out of it. Thanks and we keep in touch.

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