Keri Cronin

From Spartanburg to London in less that 48 hours


Less than 48 hours after returning from the ASLE conference in Spartanburg I boarded a plane for the UK. I barely had time to wash my clothes and repack! I’ll be blogging from an internet cafe for the next 2 weeks and, given the conversion rate from $ to £, I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to post! I’m here for a whirlwind research trip, working on two separate projects. The first one continues the research I presented at ASLE and has to do with 19th century animal welfare activism. I’ll be heading over to the British Library to look at gory pictures of animal death in the Victorian era. The second project involves spending time in public gardens — I’m heading off to Kew today. I didn’t plan it this way on purpose, but I’m glad to have a cheerier topic to balance out the horror of the other.

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2 thoughts on “From Spartanburg to London in less that 48 hours

  1. Exciting! I hope you’re having a lovely time in Britain.

    I really have to find out more about your research. Seriously, you’re studying both Victorian animal deaths and public gardens?

  2. It is true — I am doing work on both of those topics right now. Crazy, huh?

    How are you doing?

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